Troubleshooting Marketing Cloud Connect Business Unit mapping

This quick tutorial will come in hand for anyone who is making changes to their Marketing Cloud Connect and Business Unit setup. Whether you’re trying to remove Business Unit access for an existing Salesforce Marketing Cloud API user or you’re disconnecting your current connection and replacing it with a brand new one, it’s possible that you will come across the following error:

Sorry, something went wrong.
We weren’t able to retrieve your business units. Check to make sure you have permission to access these business units and try again.
Need more help? Turn on logging and open a support case in the Help and Training portal.

Above message indicates that the previous connection in Salesforce has not been fully removed and the connector still tries to retrieve the business units that were set up earlier on top of the new business units.

Removing the Configuration will not always help with removing Business Unit mapping, so in case you see the error message, try the following:

  1. In Salesforce Marketing Cloud, make sure that the SFMC API user has access to the correct Business Units.
  2. In Sales/Service Cloud, navigate to Setup > Tabs
  3. Under Custom Object Tabs, click New
  4. From the Object drop-down menu, choose Business Unit and pick any Tab Style that you like:

5. Click Next & Next & Save. You should now be able to see the new tab in both Classic and Lightening interfaces:

6. Click on the Business Units tab and choose to view All:

  1. Delete unwanted Business Units from the list using the Del Action.
  2. Go to the Marketing Cloud tab, click on Connect to Marketing Cloud and log in with the SFMC API user credentials.

When you click on Manage Business Units, you should now be able to choose Business Units from the correct list of Business Units that your SFMC API user has access to.

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