Marketing Cloud Connect

Troubleshooting Marketing Cloud Connect Business Unit mapping

This quick tutorial will come in hand for anyone who is making changes to their Marketing Cloud Connect and Business Unit setup. Whether you’re trying to… Read more

Lookup(Answers) – Marketing Cloud Connect live Q&A

In case you missed the Lookup(Answers) session on Marketing Cloud Connect that we ran together with Markus Slabina last month, you can watch the recording below … Read more

Manage Contacts and Leads in Marketing Cloud Journeys directly from your Salesforce org

This week Salesforce Labs has released a Lightning Component which, no doubt, will make the life easier for anyone working with Journey Builder and Marketing Cloud Connect. If you have multiple Journeys set up in your account with different Salesforce Entry Events, you probably know the pain of finding out which Sales/Service Cloud Contacts and … Read more

Introduction to Triggered Sends

Understand Triggered Sends in Salesforce Marketing Cloud
A triggered email is a message that Marketing Cloud sends to an individual subscriber in response to a subscriber action. For example, sending a confirmation message after a customer makes a purchase is a triggered email … Read more

Custom profile and subscription center integrated with Sales/Service Cloud

In this tutorial, you will learn how to create a simple, yet fully customizable profile and subscription centre integrated with Sales and Service Cloud. Bear in mind, that the script utilizes a couple of standard and custom Sales/Service Cloud fields, which you will need to adjust based on your Salesforce CRM setup – the full … Read more

Troubleshooting Journey Builder Integration with Debug Logs

If you have a Salesforce Data Entry Event set up in Journey Builder that is not injecting records as intended, it is necessary to look into Debug Logs to determine what the cause may be. Here is a step-by-step guide to setting up and initiating Debug Logs for Journey Builder. The whole process takes part … Read more

Troubleshooting Marketing Cloud Connect

Marketing Cloud Connect integrates your Salesforce Marketing Cloud instance with Salesforce Sales, Service, and Community Clouds. It’s an easy-to-configure set of functionality that can bring great benefits to your organization. There is an official Marketing Cloud Connect troubleshooting guide available, but I’ve decided to share a few tips and tricks that usually solve most common… Read more

Create a Sales Cloud-integrated lead capture form using AMPscript

SmartCapture forms provide a quick, user-friendly way to create simple forms and use them in Salesforce Marketing Cloud journeys, but they are not very versatile and often can create more problems than they actually solve. In this tutorial, you will learn how to create a form using HTML and AMPscript and include functions that will… Read more

Create a SmartCapture form prefilled (prepopulated) with Salesforce data

Smart Capture allows you to easily create forms on your Cloud Pages to collect information about your subscribers and then use that data for future sends and campaigns. While creating a Smart Capture form doesn’t require any coding skills and can be done using only the drag-and-drop editor, adding a simple script to your form… Read more