Customize your Marketing Cloud account with your company’s branding

Marketing Cloud’s Brand Builder lets you easily change the color scheme of your Marketing Cloud account based on the colors of your company’s logo. The updated color scheme will be visible to both your users and your subscribers. Once you upload a file with the logo (it needs to be a *.JPG or *.GIF and maximum 550px wide by 100px high), the new color scheme will be changed for:

  • Marketing Cloud Login Page
  • Email Page
  • Marketing Cloud Application
  • Subscription Center


Create a new brand in your account

Brand Builder used to be a hidden feature, available only on request through support. Right now, after the recent changes to the Setup menu, it’s available for each account and doesn’t require any additional activation.

To start customizing your brand, go to Setup > Settings > Company Settings > BrandBuilder and click on the New Brand button. You will be asked to provide a name and the new brand will be created:

Now click on Edit to customize the brand you created. You will see a preview which uses the ExactTarget color scheme, but don’t worry about it, this will change later:

Click on Edit once more, to upload your logo and customize the name of your account. Remember to use either a *.JPG or *.GIF file and to exclude any special characters from the account name. Click on Save. After that, Marketing Cloud will analyze the colors of your logo and adjust the color scheme:

If you’re not happy with the proposed colors, you can edit them by clicking again on the Edit button and using the colors of your choice.

You can also preview each of the customized elements of your account by clicking on the Preview button:

Note that, unfortunately, some of the previews are inaccurate and still shows the old ExactTarget user interface, so do not be alarmed – the icons and menus you currently have will remain the same in your account.

Once you set all the colors, go to the Where Used tab to choose Business Units for which this brand should be applied.

Log out and log back in to see the changes. Voila!

Questions? Comments?

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4 thoughts on “Customize your Marketing Cloud account with your company’s branding

  1. Bianca

    hi! how do I remove a brand and go back to the default set up? I tried to just change the status, to ‘Not Applied’, but it still shows. I can’t access others organizations without the login page layout set up in a specific BU.


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